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  • World is heading towards a green energy and carbon free society, a transformation comparable to the digital revolution

  • Majority of experts agree that green energy production, energy storage and electromobility will be the cornerstone of this transition.

  • Electric power production and storage will be disperse and operate by cities, towns, villages and individuals.


Our engineers, working on advanced systems for electric buses, have developed many unique technologies. Some of them are in the process of patenting in Poland and Europe.


1. The new method of radio communication for coupling data exchange by buses (electric vehicles) to optimize traction and energy consumption.

2. The new method of wireless charging of the battery of an electric bus in motion and independently during a standstill based on high-frequency resonance systems.

3. Method of cells cooling and integration of cells with the battery based on the copper microtubes.


4. Inverter control method for managing and integration of electric motor and electric bus high voltage system to optimize energy consumption in different states.

5. The new method of the inertia starting aid system of the electric bus integrated with the mechanical torque distribution system

6. Electric bus range optimization system analysing the number of passengers, temperature and other external conditions use to modify the acceleration and braking profile settings with real time restrictions for the vehicle driver.

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